Frequently Asked Questions

Are personal items in the car insured?2018-12-26T12:39:11+00:00
Personal items inside the car are not covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance.
Is my vehicle insured during transport?2018-12-26T12:38:22+00:00
Yes, your vehicle is fully insured during transport- from the moment it gets loaded onto the truck, to the moment it is taken off.
Can you guarantee a pick up or delivery date and time?2018-12-26T12:36:51+00:00
Yes, we can. However, you have to decide whether you need the car picked up by a specific date or on specific date, which will determine the extra cost involved to guarantee your time frame. Please call for a customized quote if you need guaranteed pick up/delivery date(s).
Do I need to dropoff or pickup my vehicle anywhere?2018-12-26T12:36:13+00:00

No. Lebanese International Cargo only offers Door-to-Door auto transport which means no dropping off or picking up vehicles from a terminal. Occasionally customers must meet a trucker nearby the pickup or delivery location if the road are narrow or there are low-hanging trees. In these cases, the trucker will still get as close as legally and safely possible. If you live in a rural location that is accessible but out of the way you have the option to meet the trucker near an interstate or major city which will reduce the cost of transport. This is by no means required for rural locations, just an option.

What should I do to prepare my vehicle for transport?2018-12-26T12:35:13+00:00
Make sure the car has a clean exterior so the trucker can make a proper inspection of any existing scratches or dings. Empty it of personal belongings. Remove all loose parts attached to the body, any non-permanent luggage, bike or ski racks.
How refunds work2018-12-26T12:33:15+00:00

It depends on the status of your order:

Not dispatched order

If your order has NOT been assigned (dispatched) for loading, your payment is fully refundable.

Dispatched order

If your order HAS been assigned (dispatched) for loading, your payment is refundable, less a service fee or the amount of your partial payment, whichever is less.

Does the shipping cost depend on the value of the vehicle?2018-12-26T12:31:24+00:00
Neither the original purchase price nor the current value of the vehicle affect your shipping rate. We consider dozens of factors when determining the cost of shipping.
Do I have to pay the trucker if I am not fully satisfied with the auto transport service?2018-12-26T12:30:32+00:00

Yes, as specified by the Law, a trucker must be paid in full for services rendered. It is also in your best interest to pay the trucker in full. If you withhold the trucker’s payment partially or in full, he/she can legally hold the vehicle, until all applicable fees are paid. But not to worry, we are here to help! If you experience any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does my vehicle need to be insured to ship it?2018-12-26T12:28:19+00:00

No. It is recommended but not required.

What do I do if my car is damaged during transport?2018-12-26T12:25:38+00:00

At delivery, inspect the vehicle and if there are any damages, please:

  • Note damages on the Bill of Lading/Vehicle Condition report
  • Get a copy of the delivery Bill of Lading from the trucker
  • Take pictures of the damage (on-site if possible)
  • Contact Lebanese International Cargo to request trucker Certificate of Insurance
  • File a claim
Are our goods safe?2018-12-26T22:14:52+00:00


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